April 2016 Pastor’s Newsletter

God’s Best and Blessings to each of you and those you love!

For the many blessings that I have received in our church, there is one thing for which I always give thanks to God: the people who are ALWAYS willing to give of themselves.  They just seem to naturally desire in being part of “Helping Others Become One In Christ”.

During this past year, one of our spiritual leaders, Carol Zeh, has been doing her part in teaching and guiding four of our young people in their preparation for CONFIRMATION on June 5th.  She has certainly helped each of them become more knowledgeable of God’s Holy Word, the Church, the importance of their Christian Walk, and taught them from the book, My Confirmation, by Thomas Dipko.

Abby Pincoe, Allison Gray, Connor Kirkner and Gary Gray will be confirmed, understanding they will become full members of our church and able to participate in making choices, (like all members) to the betterment of God’s plan for us.

In a book that my close friend, Bob Miller, gave me by R.C. Allen, he writes for all of us that every moment of our lives, we are creating thoughts that will produce either good or bad, happiness or misery, success or failure, war or peace,  and, of course, love over hate.

On June 5th, these four young people will be confirmed and their lives will be changed forever.  They are in the springtime of their Christian lives!  We, too, now have a choice in confirming change in our lives as we accept change in bringing Christ closer in our walk of faith.  May prayers continue to flow for our young people, as they grow in making choices that will bring them closer to God.

Blessings to the Confirmation Class of 2016 and THANK YOU CAROL. . .

Pastor Jim

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