March 2016 Pastor’s Newsletter

My friends in Christ,

I found an old fable that I first saw nearly 40 years ago.  Because Easter is only four weeks away (March 27th), this is a perfect time to share.

A good man died and went to heaven.  Before entering the heavenly gates, he asked the Keeper of the Gates if he could go down and visit hell for a couple of days.  Permission was granted.  He took the journey and was shocked when he arrived and looked around.

He saw huge banquet tables piled high with salads, fruit, multiple main dishes, desserts of many kinds and drinks to their liking.  The only problem was everyone was starving!  Yes, they had knives, and forks strapped to their hands and fingers, but they were six feet long an they could not reach their mouths.

The good man was shocked and immediately left for heaven.  Surprisingly when he arrived, he also saw huge banquet tables, piled high with salads, fruit, multiple main dishes, desserts and many different kinds of drink for their liking.  Yes, those observed also had knives and forks strapped to their hands and fingers and they were also six feet long.  Here it was not a problem, but a joy.  For everyone was healthy, well fed, laughing and enjoying the Good News of Jesus Christ.

So what was so different?  Well, the heavenly group, filled their plates, took time to give thanks to God for their food and then began to feed each other.

It is amazing, because the people of hell never gave a thought to helping each other. AND according to the fable, that is why they were down there in the first place.

Easter and the Easter Story of Jesus Christ is a time where we truly need to feed each other and fill each other with God’s Love and to nourish each other with God’s Word.  The true meaning of God’s Love for us , through His Son, is coming on Easter Morning.  I pray,  if you are able, that you will join us so that Our Lord can feed us and fill each of us.  Be strong in the Word of God…..

Blessings and God’s Love to you and yours,

Pastor Jim

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