January 2016 Pastor’s Newsletter

Blessings to you and your loved one,

Giving to God, His Will and His Time over my will and my time is my New Year’s resolution.  I have found that my time is different than His and His Will is what sustains me.  And too, I am learning more every day that living according to the Lord’s Time Table will give me a more productive and satisfying life.

R.C. Allen wrote that when you spend a few (MORE) minutes with God, you increase your peace of mind.  And when you rely on Him and let His Will and His Laws direct you, most everything in your lives will be easier to control and smoother to accept.

DZHENOU——- for 2016, I pray that you will challenge yourselves in making sure that in making your New Year resolutions, you can answer the question, DOES HE KNOW YOU? (DZHENOU).  I promise if you just give Him an extra 5 – 10 minutes each day, learning of Him, you will better understand yourselves and your place in His Kingdom.  May God bless your year.  In all you do, serve the Lord with Gladness.

“Go now in Peace, never be afraid,

God will be with you each hour of every day*.”

Come and join us as we grow stronger in God’s Love.

Wishing you God’s Peace and His Love for you to share,

Pastor Jim

(*excerpt from “Go Now in Peace”, by Don Besig and Nancy Price)

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