May 2015 Pastor’s Newsletter

Greetings and God’s Love to you and those you love,

Because of a lady who sits in the back row each Sunday for my  four years with you, I have referred to calling our church, “God’s House. ”  We have shared, and the honor continues, in calling The Community Church of Stow our home.

In Psalm 90:1 , we learn in hearing the words, “Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.”

Life is truly different in the many houses, homes and churches that we visit.  An example is the house of CEO Bill Gates.  In his new home, you will receive an electronic pin to clip to your clothing.  The pin identifies who and where you are and is programmed with your interests and taste, as the article explained.

He explained that when you walk from room to room, the house adapts to your likes and dislikes.  The temperature changes to your needs of comfort and the music that you have chosen will follow you with each step.  Digital images that you want to see on each wall will appear and vanish as you leave.  Yes it may be a great house, but Jesus Christ Our Lord, has given us a GREAT HOME to share His love;  a place for fellowship and meditation.

In our newly remodeled parlor is a picture of  stained glass   with  the words “HOME SWEET HOME.”  In God’s House, there is  NO NEED  for you to put on a Bill Gates pin.  But when you enter here in  God’s House, you will receive God’s Love .  It is a gift of love  that identifies you as one of His; programmed in helping your dislikes become God centered likes and a love that will never  vanish.  Christ is forever and yes YOU can come and Worship, knowing that His Home is given so that we can share His love together.

May there be a lasting peace in your homes.  May God’s LOVE be shared.

Blessings to each of you.

In the service of serving God’s people,

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