March 2015 Pastor’s Newsletter

Good day and blessings to you, during this Lenten Season,

 I am not a lover of reading, outside my reading, in preparation for Sunday mornings.    BUT,  every once in awhile, I find a book that catches my attention and the book, What Love Is,  is one of them.  I found it in a collection of nearly 900 books  that were given to me many years ago.

  In the book, written by  Kelly Minter,  I agree with her  that we need to spend more time in the readings from the three Epistles of  John.  They are instructions of loving one another and give to future generations assurance and confidence in the Living God.

 John, the Apostle of Love, wrote, “God is Love and if we do not know love, we do not know God.”

 To love is to obey!  And loving the Lord and loving His Church means that we need to also love one another. . . I vow to you that I will re-read the Three Epistles during Lent and hope that you will do the same.  Just in reading First John, in the last chapter, my prayer is that you will be filled with LOVE, HOPE  and  the FREEDOM  that you may have not known.

 Kelly Minter writes that, “Jesus is the reason  that  we know what love is. “   Jesus is truth and we are the blessed ones, who have received His Blessings. 

 This Lenten Season we will focus on His Love for us and the Beatitudes , which were  a code of ethics for the disciples and are a standard of conduct for you and for me.  In all things and in all ways, let us love and be givers of His Love to others.

 As it is written, we must be willing to give, when others take, to love when others hate and to be a help when others abuse.  It is time to come back to YOUR church and grow with us in love , remembering that Jesus lives and He is living for each of us. 

 Looking forward to see you here in His House on Sunday.

God’s best to all of you.

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