October 2014 Pastor’s Newsletter

Good morning and blessings to each of you,

Growing up on a little dirt street in the heart of Cuyahoga Falls, the neighborhood gathered nearly every night to play “kick the can.”

The thing that some did not like was when we played “Team, Kick the Can,” which entailed choosing sides.  Two people would be the designated leader and I was always one of them, since I owned the can.  Choices were made on the basis of who could help the team win, who was most athletic, and who  was most popular. 

Strange as it may seem, many of our parents sat on the front porches and cheered us on.  It was indeed good seeing parents and children coming together and making choices of being together, rather than allowing decisions that separate parents and children.

Jesus Christ was the same yesterday, is the same today, and will be the same tomorrow in that He chose each of us!  We were never chosen because we were great athletes, or our grades were superb, or we were the most popular.  He chose us  because we have chosen Him.  He chooses us first because our relationship with Him is an unearned, unmerited gift from God, which HE chooses to give to US. 

For me, and prayerfully for you, it is time to pick sides and choose whom we will serve. And yes, in the game of kick the can, Jesus Christ is really the one who owns the can, as I pray that He owns our lives.  I am choosing Jesus and if we are playing teams, know through faith, that He will be on Your team too, if only you will believe, trust, and call Him the Captain of your tomorrows.                                              

Go in peace, serve the Lord, and looking forward to seeing you Sunday.

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