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April 2016 Pastor’s Newsletter

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

God’s Best and Blessings to each of you and those you love!

For the many blessings that I have received in our church, there is one thing for which I always give thanks to God: the people who are ALWAYS willing to give of themselves.  They just seem to naturally desire in being part of “Helping Others Become One In Christ”.

During this past year, one of our spiritual leaders, Carol Zeh, has been doing her part in teaching and guiding four of our young people in their preparation for CONFIRMATION on June 5th.  She has certainly helped each of them become more knowledgeable of God’s Holy Word, the Church, the importance of their Christian Walk, and taught them from the book, My Confirmation, by Thomas Dipko.

Abby Pincoe, Allison Gray, Connor Kirkner and Gary Gray will be confirmed, understanding they will become full members of our church and able to participate in making choices, (like all members) to the betterment of God’s plan for us.

In a book that my close friend, Bob Miller, gave me by R.C. Allen, he writes for all of us that every moment of our lives, we are creating thoughts that will produce either good or bad, happiness or misery, success or failure, war or peace,  and, of course, love over hate.

On June 5th, these four young people will be confirmed and their lives will be changed forever.  They are in the springtime of their Christian lives!  We, too, now have a choice in confirming change in our lives as we accept change in bringing Christ closer in our walk of faith.  May prayers continue to flow for our young people, as they grow in making choices that will bring them closer to God.

Blessings to the Confirmation Class of 2016 and THANK YOU CAROL. . .

Pastor Jim

March 2016 Pastor’s Newsletter

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

My friends in Christ,

I found an old fable that I first saw nearly 40 years ago.  Because Easter is only four weeks away (March 27th), this is a perfect time to share.

A good man died and went to heaven.  Before entering the heavenly gates, he asked the Keeper of the Gates if he could go down and visit hell for a couple of days.  Permission was granted.  He took the journey and was shocked when he arrived and looked around.

He saw huge banquet tables piled high with salads, fruit, multiple main dishes, desserts of many kinds and drinks to their liking.  The only problem was everyone was starving!  Yes, they had knives, and forks strapped to their hands and fingers, but they were six feet long an they could not reach their mouths.

The good man was shocked and immediately left for heaven.  Surprisingly when he arrived, he also saw huge banquet tables, piled high with salads, fruit, multiple main dishes, desserts and many different kinds of drink for their liking.  Yes, those observed also had knives and forks strapped to their hands and fingers and they were also six feet long.  Here it was not a problem, but a joy.  For everyone was healthy, well fed, laughing and enjoying the Good News of Jesus Christ.

So what was so different?  Well, the heavenly group, filled their plates, took time to give thanks to God for their food and then began to feed each other.

It is amazing, because the people of hell never gave a thought to helping each other. AND according to the fable, that is why they were down there in the first place.

Easter and the Easter Story of Jesus Christ is a time where we truly need to feed each other and fill each other with God’s Love and to nourish each other with God’s Word.  The true meaning of God’s Love for us , through His Son, is coming on Easter Morning.  I pray,  if you are able, that you will join us so that Our Lord can feed us and fill each of us.  Be strong in the Word of God…..

Blessings and God’s Love to you and yours,

Pastor Jim

February 2016 Pastor’s Newsletter

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Blessings to all of you in God’s LOVE through Jesus Christ Our Lord,

I received a gift when we arrived in Florida this past week and it was a “weekly journal” with a Bible verse for each day.  Running thru the pages, one verse stood out and it comes from Proverbs 17: 17:


Here in a Bible Concordance, I am reading that the word love is brought alive immediately following the word “lost”.  Mark 18 says that once we were lost, but now found.  And to be found for me is in reading from John 13 where we need to  learn more about loving one another.

It still amazes me in life that we seem to be lost and can only find love in those who agree with us.  Jesus says for all to trust and believe that “He is the way”.  Now, if we are to believe this, then understand that we will never be lost, for the Love of Jesus Christ  will always show us the way.

At a Gospel Concert last night, one of the vocalists said (with the happenings of the  Iowa Caucus going on) that he will never be politically correct, but prays to always be “Biblically Correct”.  To me that is love, where the Bible stands taller than any mountain  and the love of God encompasses us all.

During a church service on Sunday morning, the Pastor said that if we are to have hope, then we need to not be “stuck” in unproductive areas of our lives.  His meaning was different from mine, for I truly feel that we need to un-stick ourselves from sin and from bad habits. We need to stop trying to keep up with whomever and to start being ourselves and truly love one another.

For each of us, if there is to be hope, is it possible that on February 14th, our meaning of Valentine’s Day may be to be a loving friend to all people?  Look around–who needs your love?

And speaking of love, my thanks to each of you where, in your own ways, you allowed your love for the Busby family and the Faris family to come alive in remembering their loved ones.  What a friend we have in Jesus and what a friend we had in Jerry and Al.

May God’s Peace be yours to share in Christ,

Pastor Jim

January 2016 Pastor’s Newsletter

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Blessings to you and your loved one,

Giving to God, His Will and His Time over my will and my time is my New Year’s resolution.  I have found that my time is different than His and His Will is what sustains me.  And too, I am learning more every day that living according to the Lord’s Time Table will give me a more productive and satisfying life.

R.C. Allen wrote that when you spend a few (MORE) minutes with God, you increase your peace of mind.  And when you rely on Him and let His Will and His Laws direct you, most everything in your lives will be easier to control and smoother to accept.

DZHENOU——- for 2016, I pray that you will challenge yourselves in making sure that in making your New Year resolutions, you can answer the question, DOES HE KNOW YOU? (DZHENOU).  I promise if you just give Him an extra 5 – 10 minutes each day, learning of Him, you will better understand yourselves and your place in His Kingdom.  May God bless your year.  In all you do, serve the Lord with Gladness.

“Go now in Peace, never be afraid,

God will be with you each hour of every day*.”

Come and join us as we grow stronger in God’s Love.

Wishing you God’s Peace and His Love for you to share,

Pastor Jim

(*excerpt from “Go Now in Peace”, by Don Besig and Nancy Price)