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March 2015 Pastor’s Newsletter

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Good day and blessings to you, during this Lenten Season,

 I am not a lover of reading, outside my reading, in preparation for Sunday mornings.    BUT,  every once in awhile, I find a book that catches my attention and the book, What Love Is,  is one of them.  I found it in a collection of nearly 900 books  that were given to me many years ago.

  In the book, written by  Kelly Minter,  I agree with her  that we need to spend more time in the readings from the three Epistles of  John.  They are instructions of loving one another and give to future generations assurance and confidence in the Living God.

 John, the Apostle of Love, wrote, “God is Love and if we do not know love, we do not know God.”

 To love is to obey!  And loving the Lord and loving His Church means that we need to also love one another. . . I vow to you that I will re-read the Three Epistles during Lent and hope that you will do the same.  Just in reading First John, in the last chapter, my prayer is that you will be filled with LOVE, HOPE  and  the FREEDOM  that you may have not known.

 Kelly Minter writes that, “Jesus is the reason  that  we know what love is. “   Jesus is truth and we are the blessed ones, who have received His Blessings. 

 This Lenten Season we will focus on His Love for us and the Beatitudes , which were  a code of ethics for the disciples and are a standard of conduct for you and for me.  In all things and in all ways, let us love and be givers of His Love to others.

 As it is written, we must be willing to give, when others take, to love when others hate and to be a help when others abuse.  It is time to come back to YOUR church and grow with us in love , remembering that Jesus lives and He is living for each of us. 

 Looking forward to see you here in His House on Sunday.

God’s best to all of you.

February 2015 Pastor’s Newsletter

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Good day and blessings to you and those you love,

 This is the perfect time of year to come back to YOUR Church on Pilgrim Drive.  Yes, we are growing.  And yet, there are many of you whom I have never met.  Hopefully, all is well.  I  pray during this season to have  the honor to meet and Worship with you.

 In our Lenten readings from both The Gospels of Mark and John, we hear Jesus express an important truth about life and the ability to face death.  Mark 8, for example, reminds us in the 35th verse, “For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake and for the sake of the Gospel, will save it.”

 Yes, Jesus wants us to stop trying to control our own destiny and let Him direct our path and our journey of faith.  Remember please:  Following the Light of Jesus and believing during  any season, will lead to Life Eternal with Him.  (Honestly, it doesn’t get any better than that!)

 On the 18th, we will begin our Lenten Season with our Ash Wednesday Service.  Lent begins with a solemn call to repentance as we begin our journey to the Baptismal Waters of Easter.  This service will be different from our past.  I do hope that it will be in God’s plan that you join with us during this service and this  season of renewal and reflection. 

 May the Light of Christ shine on you always. 

 Go Now in Peace.

January 2015 Pastor’s Newsletter

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Blessings  and God’s Love to you in this New Year.

 I was reminded of a story from the book, A SAVIOR FOR ALL SEASONS by William Barker, who wrote of a story of a bishop from the east coast.  His mission was to visit a small college and stay at the home of the college president, who also served as professor of physics and chemistry.

After dinner, the bishop declared that the millennium could not be far off, because just about everything had been discovered and all inventions had been complete.  But the young college president politely disagreed and said there would be many discoveries and the president declared, within 50 years, man will be able to fly.

The bishop said, “Nonsense!”  He added then with a smirk, “Only angels are intended to fly.”

But unknown to the Bishop the president of the college had a vision.  A vision not for himself, but a vision that would include the bishop and it came true.  You see, we are talking about Bishop Wright, whose sons were  Orville and Wilbur. 

Do you have a vision for the new year?  I truly have a vision for each of you:  that you’ll follow the readings from John 15: 9.  Here, Jesus is saying,  “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.  Now remain in my love  and obey my commands.”  And my vision is to pray fully that we can continue to grow, seeing Christ in all acts of kindness and love,  in such a way that we will  go forth and Help Others Become One In Christ.

From my family to yours—

Great  Year—

Good Health—

and God’s Love to you and yours in 2015

December 2014 Pastor’s Newsletter

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Good morning and God’s LOVE and BLESSINGS to you and yours,

 As it is written in the Gospel of John, “Through Christ, all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made.  In HIM , was life, and that life was the LIGHT of men.” 

 So it is true isn’t it?  Jesus Christ is indeed the LIGHT of the world.  So let us rejoice and be filled with His presence in our lives.

 When the Rev. Roger Mohler retired from the ministry, he gave me his entire library.  Within these 1200 books was a set of booklets called “The Pulpit Digest.”  There was a story of light about  a couple, who  took their son, 11,  and daughter, 6,  on vacation to Carlsbad Caverns.

 As the tour reached the lowest point in the caverns  the guide turned all the lights off and there was silence and there was darkness.  (I mean total darkness and total silence).

In the silence and especially the darkness, the 6 year old was suddenly frightened and began to cry.  But her brave brother, who was holding her hand said very quietly,  “Don’t cry.  Somebody here knows how to turn on the lights.”

 Here at the Community Church of Stow, our church, Jesus know how to turn on the  light and is a help in releasing the darkness of sin, from us,  no matter our age or who  may or may not  be holding our hand.

 This is our time to share  God’s Light Shining, through the Birth of His Son and our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Come and join us as we celebrate His Life together, at 7:30 on Christmas Eve in Word, Song, and Fellowship.

 A very Blessed  Christmas and the Happiest of  New Years!

November 2014 Pastor’s Newsletter

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Good morning and blessings to you and those you love,

 I  am on my second time through a book of “Morning Devotions” and I found a great devotion that, I think, involves all of us who believe in Our Lord’s Love.  I refer to  the words from John 8, where Jesus says, “I am the LIGHT of the world.”

Once upon a time a “Cave” lived deep in the ground, as caves do.  Of course, the cave had spent his entire life in darkness.  One day, he was aroused hearing a voice speaking out to him, inviting him to come up and see the sunshine.  After a lengthy discussion, the cave agreed and was so totally amazed.  He saw light everywhere and not a speck of darkness and everything around the cave was warm, happy and light.

Knowing that turn about was fair play, the cave looked up to the Sun. Then the  Cave said, Come with me and see the darkness. And again, after a lengthy discussion, the sun agreed.

The sun agreed, but going in, there was no darkness.

This month we come together to celebrate Thanksgiving and rejoice knowing  with thankful hearts, we welcome  the TRUE LIGHT  from Jesus Christ, Our Lord.  God so loved the world that He gave to us, His Son’s light, so that we might SHARE HIS Love, feel HIS warmth, FIND HIS Joy, RECEIVE HIS LIGHT   and never walk in darkness again.  It is true and it will happen, when you believe……  

During Thanksgiving and Christmas, COME AND WORSHIP with us, for here, we worship the Light of the World, the one who is the  Christ.                  

Blessings to you your family. 

In His Service.

October 2014 Pastor’s Newsletter

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Good morning and blessings to each of you,

Growing up on a little dirt street in the heart of Cuyahoga Falls, the neighborhood gathered nearly every night to play “kick the can.”

The thing that some did not like was when we played “Team, Kick the Can,” which entailed choosing sides.  Two people would be the designated leader and I was always one of them, since I owned the can.  Choices were made on the basis of who could help the team win, who was most athletic, and who  was most popular. 

Strange as it may seem, many of our parents sat on the front porches and cheered us on.  It was indeed good seeing parents and children coming together and making choices of being together, rather than allowing decisions that separate parents and children.

Jesus Christ was the same yesterday, is the same today, and will be the same tomorrow in that He chose each of us!  We were never chosen because we were great athletes, or our grades were superb, or we were the most popular.  He chose us  because we have chosen Him.  He chooses us first because our relationship with Him is an unearned, unmerited gift from God, which HE chooses to give to US. 

For me, and prayerfully for you, it is time to pick sides and choose whom we will serve. And yes, in the game of kick the can, Jesus Christ is really the one who owns the can, as I pray that He owns our lives.  I am choosing Jesus and if we are playing teams, know through faith, that He will be on Your team too, if only you will believe, trust, and call Him the Captain of your tomorrows.                                              

Go in peace, serve the Lord, and looking forward to seeing you Sunday.