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June 2012 Pastor’s Newsletter

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Good day and blessings to you and those you love,

Sometime, back in 1987, she and I got into the car.  The difference is that she was sitting in the driver’s seat.  I told her to check her mirrors and she did.  I told her to look both ways before pulling out and she did .  Now, as we went down the street at 14 mph, I asked, do you see the stop sign ahead.  She acknowledged and stopped.

So, was I afraid?  Of course, with a new journey for my daughter,  having to think about highway driving, freeway driving, night driving, driving alone, and all the so called bad drivers around us, I was afraid. 

Each night I pray for her and pray for you, because just getting into our cars and pulling out is only the beginning of the day God has in store for us.  BUT,  it can also be  the beginning of the wrong-way direction of life that Satan wants us to follow. 

So we have a choice as to whom we will follow.  And just maybe in all ways this summer, you might want to choose relaxation over being totally stressed.  I am finding with SUNDAY SERVICES STARTING AT 10:00 AM on June 10th, that on Sunday mornings, the Sabbath is an important way to enjoy rest, to worship, and to declare our DEPENDENCE ON GOD.  We need to do this, for God will love knowing that we need Him.

On your journey this summer, which I am sure is moving faster than 14 mph, take 10 minutes and pick out a Book of the Bible this year and read it.  At summer’s end, tell me about your readings and we will share it in God’s Time on Sunday mornings.

Looking around, I am not sure where your journey is taking you, but I have found the back porch or deck is a great destination.  Also, with God’s splendor, everywhere can be a journey’s destination for you and for God to share.  (Honestly, He loves to be invited !)

To you, my prayer is that we will meet often this summer in God’s House to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with LOVE.  May your journey this summer, bring you to church at 10:00, for it will be a great way to begin your weekly journey of faith, with friends and with God. HE will be there,
I know. . .

Blessings and God’s Love to You,

 Pastor Jim