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September 2011 Pastor’s Newsletter

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Blessings and God’s Love to all of you!

            Here we are in September and we’re seeing the exhilarating signs for the Fall Hiking Spree as we near the Metro Parks in our area.  We have the Munroe Falls Lake and Park area in our town of Munroe Falls.  The new Tallmadge Meadows Trail is just around the corner from our home, too, and includes two choices of walkways–short and long–some day I’ll let you know how the long trail looks!

            Exercise is a nice way to “fall” into this refreshing season, with the beauty of the changing leaves on the trees and shrubbery, and the peaceful surroundings to be enjoyed, as well.  Change is good for the soul.  Change helps us to grow, and moves us out of the humdrum of our lives, often altering our very moods from negative to positive.  Have you considered making a change in your life?  Consider these ideas:

– Join the choir – rehearsals are fun on Wednesday evenings!

– Ever considered a weekday Bible study?  If there’s an interest, there’s a way!

– Try out the Sunday School class for adults before church on Sunday mornings – I heard there are refreshments!

– Learn all you can find out a Bible figure using the church library or the public library or your computer!

“Google” a subject or a place from Biblical days – then and now – I’m always looking for fresh ideas for sermons!

– Join me in our Wednesday Morning Devotions at 9:00 AM.  – midweek delight that ends in muffins!

            My prayer is that you will look forward to changes this month, BEING WITH US IN FELLOWSHIP AND WORSHIP, enjoying and appreciating all that God has in store for us to see, and experience the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST with your friends.  


Come and Worship,

Blessings to you and yours,

W. James Case, Pastor